The University Institutes of Technology or IUT (“Instituts Universitaires de Technologie”) are part of the French University system. Two different degrees are offered, leading to direct vocational integration:

  • A four semester degree: University Diploma in Technology (D.U.T. - “Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie” - a Higher National Degree or Undergraduate/Associate Degree )
  • A six semester degree: Vocational Bachelor of Science either as an apprentice or a regular student (LPro - “Licence Professionelle”)

In Bordeaux, the IUT offers 17 D.U.T.s and around 40 LPro in total. A mixed teaching approach is used with theoretical and practical sessions. These sessions are organized in small groups with an emphasis on lab sessions. Courses cover scientific subjects and also offer communication lessons that help students improve their “soft” skills and prepare them for their future professional life.


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