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Within the Bordeaux IUT, our Department of Applied Physics and Measurement Engineering offers a large number of disciplines such as material science, chemical analyses, nuclear physics, optics, mechanics, electronics, acoustics, computer science, etc.

We offer an International Track in Applied Science so that students may not only acquire skills and knowledge within scientific and technical domains, but they may also study and improve their English.

It is a 2-year course (4 semesters) which leads to a diploma called DUT (University Diploma of Technology), equivalent to a Higher National Degree (H.N.D) and which specializes in Applied Physics and Chemistry and Measurements. Teaching includes tutorials (50%) and practical work in labs (50%) along with tutored projects under the supervision of a lecturer, and industrial placements (work placements from 10 to 12 weeks).



Solid mechanics

Fluid mechanics


Nuclear physics

Vacuum and cryogenics



(optics with electronics)



General chemistry

Physical chemistry methods of analysis



Differential equations

Complex numbers


Foreign language Learning (English) :

Scientific and professional writing  

Usual and technical English

Oral presentations with slideshows on professional, technical & technological fields


Computer science:

Scientific computer science

(C language and numerical arithmetics)

Instrumental computer science (acquisition assembly line, labwindows)

Industrial computer science







Power electronics

Signal treatment

Image processing


Quality tools

Quality assurance

Expression, communication in French:

Improvement of written and oral expression

Techniques of communication (word processing…)

Enterprise/ company knowledge



Programme: Applied Physics and Measurement Engineering

Degree: HND in Applied Physics and Measurement Engineering, Undergraduate/Associate Degree

Access to further studies: corresponding Bachelor Programmes (Vocational Bachelors)

Standard period of study: 4 semesters (120 Credits)

Application: direct at the Applied Physics and Measurement Engineering Department (see "How to apply?" below for detailed admission requirements).

Study location: Gradignan, near Bordeaux

Language policy: The language of instruction in the Applied Physics and Measurement Engineering programme is English starting in the first semester. Some tutorials may be taught in other languages, including, but not necessarily limited to, French.


Career or Studies Prospects

The Undergraduate Associate Degree in Applied Physics and Measurement Engineering aims at training multi-skilled technicians who carry out and process measurements: the latter require knowledge in the fields of physics, chemistry, materials, electronics and computing, as well as skills based on instrumentation (tests, trials, research and development…). Undergraduates easily fit into all fields of industry, research and services (car industry, aeronautics, space industry, electronics, optics, materials, chemistry, pharmacy, energy, food processing, biomedical, environment…). The specialized degree enables them to adapt to innovating technologies and to succeed in their career advancement.

Versatility and adaptability are the main assets of the Applied Physics and Measurement Engineering undergraduates. Thus, they can integrate easily into professional life, but also carry on with their studies. Openings for young technicians are typically found in a laboratory, in production or in a research department in the following professional fields:

- research and development

- tests and trials

- metrology

- quality control

- production and industrialization

- maintenance

- sales engineering (technical salesman).

The concerned activity sectors are essentially instrumentation and materials.

Application & admission requirements

Candidates must hold a High School Diploma (covering science subjects)

Academic cooperation

Possibility to choose courses “à la carte” with other departments from the University of Bordeaux (for one or two semesters, courses in English and French)



30 ECTS are obtained per semester leading to a total of 120 ECTS (4 semesters)

Application form

Under construction

Language of Instruction

These programs are taught in English and in French. Some tutorials may taught in French as they are not necessarily limited to, English. We require proof of both English and French language ability (level of English & French: B1/B2 according to the Common European Framework of References for Languages).

Within the University of Bordeaux, classes are available to improve the level of French.

Information for admitted students

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Tuition fees: the students pay about 420€ a year including health insurance, preventive medecine & access to libraries. N.B: the actual cost of the programme is about 8,000€.

Living costs: monthly budget of around 600€. The first month the budget is triple due to accommodation costs, university registration, Social Security, etc.


Brochure from Education page: International-study-offer/Programs/Science-and-Technology

The University Institutes of Technology or IUT (“Instituts Universitaires de Technologie”) are part of the French University system. Two different degrees are offered, leading to direct vocational integration:

  • A four semester degree: University Diploma in Technology (D.U.T. - “Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie” - a Higher National Degree or Undergraduate/Associate Degree )
  • A six semester degree: Vocational Bachelor of Science either as an apprentice or a regular student (LPro - “Licence Professionelle”)

In Bordeaux, the IUT offers 17 D.U.T.s and around 40 LPro in total. A mixed teaching approach is used with theoretical and practical sessions. These sessions are organized in small groups with an emphasis on lab sessions. Courses cover scientific subjects and also offer communication lessons that help students improve their “soft” skills and prepare them for their future professional life.